Feed safety a shared responsibility

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Due to an Early Warning System case the past week we again stress the point of your obligation to report cases to ensure safe feed worldwide.

The Early Warning System is an essential part of the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification.

As a member of the GMP+ community you can benefit by acting on EWS warnings published by GMP+ International. With this information harmful consequences for people, animals and the environment are prevented or limited where possible. You can immediately check recent feed supplies to see if you received a similar product and act on it. Your supplier assessment and/ or monitoring program might also need adjustment to prevent that the same incident happens to you.

To make these EWS warnings possible, GMP+ International requires all participants to report feed incidents via the Early Warning System. Please find more information about EWS here.

GMP+ Company Database with approved suppliers

We also remind you to always consult the GMP+ company database. Please check whether a company you are planning or already doing business with is truly, still GMP+ certified. This crucial information may prevent you from facing corporate damages. 

In some cases we also include the certificates of other feed safety scheme partners such as QS. A QS certified supplier must be included in the GMP Company Database. This shows that the QS certified supplier is compliant with the conditions of the mutual recognition, for example regarding audit frequency. Once the supplier is included in our Company Database, GMP+ participants can purchase from this supplier and ensure feed safety worldwide together.