First GMP+ FRA certificate issued for GMO Controlled feed

Friday, September 7, 2018

Recently, the first audit of the GMP+ MI105 GMO Controlled at C.A.V.V. Zuid-Oost Salland U.A. (GMP047856) was successfully completed.

2018.09.07 1st certificate MI 105

C.A.V.V. Zuid-Oost Salland a compound feed cooperative producing concentrates under the GMP+ certificate. The feeds are used for the companies to an optimal extent, under good guidance and expert advice. 

Mr. Verheul, director of the cooperative: “We have applied for certification, because, since last year, the market both in the Netherlands and Germany has been asking for GMO Controlled feed. GMP+ International provides us with everything in Dutch, a full package with their knowledge and skills about safe and GMO Controlled feed.

Schouten Certification is an independent certification body that supports companies in the food and feed chain with objective and expert audits and inspections. They have issued their first GMP+ FRA MI105 certificate for GMO Controlled feed. 

Mr. Van der Pest, director of Schouten Certification: ‘’ In recent years, we have seen an increasing market demand for GMO Controlled and non-GMO food and feed. Where possible, we include all market requirements for companies in one audit, reducing the burden to a minimum.

GMP+ International Mr Johan den Hartog, Managing Director

"For me our new GMP+ FRA MI105 GMO Controlled Standard is a new phase in our approach. Both in the feed and food chain, companies such as Aldi and Lidl, are increasingly demanding non GMO food and feed ingredients. The new standard enables all our GMP+ certified companies to comply with market demand. We offer certified companies a one-stop-shop opportunity which is exactly what our certified companies were asking for.  I’m very excited that the first company has been GMP+ FRA M105 certified. Above all I’m proud, that GMP+ International has again, with the help of our partners, experts and certification bodies developed and implemented this standard."


Companies that wish to get certified for one or more of the standards in the GMP+ FRA module, can contact one of the certification bodies (CBs) accepted by GMP+ International. These can be found in our GMP+ company database

The requirements for certification are defined in the GMP+ MI105.

The FAQ of FRA has been updated with questions about the GMP+ MI105. It is available on our website .