QS Message Unannounced Audits

Monday, September 10, 2018

Update regarding QS letter Unannounced Audits.

It has come to our attention that QS has sent a letter regarding unannounced audits to GMP+ certified companies, registered in their data base. 
It took us by surprise as last year, we had constructive contact with QS regarding the unannounced audits. Furthermore, we think the requirements mentioned in the letter are not feasible in daily practice and it does not contribute to Feed Safety. 

This month we will have a meeting with QS concerning this topic. During this meeting we will address the issues we have received. Based on the outcome of this meeting we will communicate on how to cope with these issues. 

For questions and clarification we advise you to contact QS in order to prevent misunderstandings.

We will keep you updated once when we have new information. You can also contact our Helpdesk.