First GMP+ FSA certificate issued to GMP+ registered laboratory

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Recently, the first audit of the GMP+ B11 Protocol for GMP+ registration for Laboratories at Romer Labs [GMP+ GMP049306] was completed successfully.

Romer Labs

Romer Labs is a global supplier of diagnostic solutions for feed and food safety. Their broad range of testing solutions and services cover mycotoxins, GMOs, food allergens and more. Mr. Rost, laboratory manager at Romer Labs: “We decided to apply for GMP+ International certification in response to growing market demand for reliable, traceable and verifiable mycotoxin analysis. With GMP+ B11 certification, we show not only that we adhere to the criteria of the ISO certifications we already have, but also that we are committed to continuous improvement of our analytical services.’’


SGS is an international and independent Certification Body that certifies companies for Feed Certification, among other elements, through audits. Mr. Verweij, Feed & Non-GMO Manager at SGS Product & Process Certification.

What was your involvement during the development of the Registered Laboratory program? 
SGS Global Feed Certification,was one of the Certification Bodies (CBs) in the work group developing the standard with GMP+ International.

What was your experience? 
Very good. Within the triangle of GMP+ International, laboratories and CBs, there have been many positive discussions about the new standard GMP+ B11. Finally, during the decision-making process, all parties were involved in the gathering of the necessary market support.

Why is SGS offering this service? 
As an international Certification Body with a well-balanced portfolio, SGS needs a global GMP+ Feed Certification service. The GMP+ B11 standard is a valuable addition to our already broad range of SGS GMP+ FC services offered around the world. With global experience in GMP+ certification, laboratories from all over the world will find it very easy to apply for GMP+ B11 registration using SGS. This registration is about (new) performance criteria.

Why do you think this is important?Until now, laboratories have used different criteria to assess performance. Using GMP+ B11 standard, the same, minimum performance criteria will apply to all laboratories – creating a level playing field all over the world and contributing greatly to improved feed safety. 

Don’t miss your opportunity!

GMP+ International, Managing Director Johan den Hartog: "On request of the feed sector, GMP+ International developed a registration program for laboratories that analyze critical contaminants in feed and raw materials for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance. In doing so, these GMP+ Registered Laboratories assure a uniform performance level in order to improve the reliability of analysis results. Together, we have reached a new milestone with the 1st GMP+ Registered Laboratory. Reliable analysis of feed is essential in the quest of the GMP+ community to reach our goal, being; Feed Safety Worldwide."

Where can I find more information about GMP+ registration? You can find all information to get your laboratory registered here.