First Registered Consultant in France

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

GMP+ International Managing Director, Johan Den Hartog has just signed an agreement with All4Feed President, Julien Bonté. ALL4FEED is therefore the newest GMP+ Registered Consultant and first one in France.

The goal of this commitment is to work together to improve and maintain safety in the feed chain in France. Based in Dinan in Brittany, France, ALL4FEED is at the disposal to define your needs as an aspiring certified company. They offer a customized solution to feed companies. As the interest for GMP+ Feed Certification continues to grow, together we strive for feed safety in France and worldwide. Both GMP+ International and ALL4FEED combine more than 25 years of experiences, skills and knowledge for customers projects.

GMP+ Registered Consultant

GMP+ Registered Consultants are professionals accepted by GMP+ International, who advise companies about the implementation of the requirements of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. GMP+ International considers GMP+ Registered Consultants as important support for the implementation of the GMP+ certification scheme. We are pleased to announce our newest Registered Consultant and first in France: ALL4FEED

What do we offer together?

GMP+ International manages the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance module (GMP+ FSA), which is part of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme (GMP+ FSA scheme). ALL4FEED is an expert and dedicated structure focus on FEED sector in France. ALL4FEED offers aspiring certified companies assistance to certification for the following activities:

-Production of feed materials

-Production of Compound Feed and/ or Premixtures

-Transport (road, rail, inland waterway)

-Trade and Collection, Storage & Transshipment

If a company in France is interested in being GMP+ FSA certified please reach out to All4Feed for advice.