Update: temporary measures related to low water levels ended

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Due to draught in 2018, the water level of rivers and canals in Northwest Europe were extremely low. This caused the supply of raw materials for feed via inland waterway vessels to run very slow and because of continuous draught, GMP+ International was asked to take temporary measures in cooperation with stakeholders to anticipate on this situation.

The situation has been evaluated intensively with our various stakeholders within the GMP+ Community and it is no longer necessary to continue with the temporary measures due to water levels which have increased sufficiently. The temporary conditions / requirements are not applicable anymore as of the 6th of February 2019.

Feedback from the GMP+ Community

Although it was very much appreciated that due to extreme weather conditions the regulations were temporary adjusted, this also raised concern among the certified transport companies. Together with our stakeholders we will evaluate the measures and, where necessary, make some improvements in order to cope with the problems caused by low water levels in the future.

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