New: footnotes in the Risk Assessments

Thursday, January 31, 2019

There has been an update to the Risk Assessments of the feed materials. The column “likely occurrence” has been emptied and filled with an * to indicate a footnote. Also in the column ‘standards' when there is no limit for a hazard, a footnote is added.

There has been an update to the Risk Assessments of the feed materials within the Feed Support Products (FSP) of GMP+ International.

The column ‘likely occurrence’ has been emptied. This means that feed companies are now responsible to determine the likely occurrence of the products the company is producing or processing. The Technical Committee FSP (TCFSP) has decided that the likelihood of an occurrence, or occurrences is company specific and therefore up to companies to estimate. 

A footnote in the Risk Assessments is added to explain what is meant and how a company should act.

Besides the change in the column of the ‘likely occurrence’ there has been one other change. As communicated in October 2018 in the column 'standards' has been updated. Hazards without a limit do now have a reference to a footnote. This footnote explaines how to act in case there is a hazard without a limit.

Besides the update to the Risk Assessments there also has been general maintenance of the GMP+ Monitoring database. This maintenance has no influence on the day to day work with the GMP+ Monitoring database and will only help improve the service.