Update risk assessments in FSP and Working Principles

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Within the scope of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, feed materials must be subjected to a safety assessment by means of a risk analysis, in accordance with the HACCP principles.

Based on a desk study carried out by the members of Technical Committee Feed Support Products (TCFSP), 14 approved (7 new and 7 updated) feed materials are included in the Feed Support Product list. The inclusion of feed materials in the Feed Support Product list (via the approval of its risk assessment) is a requirement of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Only products included in this list can be used by GMP+ certified companies.  

In the table here, you’ll find an overview of the (new) approved feed materials and more back-ground information about the changes in the FSP. 

Important: please note that all these changes directly affect the GMP+ Monitoring database:

  1. Addition of new feed materials: if new feed materials are included in the Feed Support Product list, these new feed materials will automatically be included in the GMP+ Monitoring database. GMP+ participants can add (and consult) analysis results for these new feed materials.
  2. Modification of feed material names: if the name of a feed material changes in the Feed Support Product list (in all or one of the 3 published languages), it will also change in the GMP+ Monitoring database.
  3. Deletion of feed materials: if a feed material is deleted (removed) from the Feed Support Product list, the addition of new analysis results for this feed material in GMP+ Monitoring database is no longer possible. However, the historical information on previous analysis results will remain available for consultation.

If your feed material is not included in the Feed Support Product List or your process deviates from what is described in the risk assessment, this can be solved by submitting an application. Your application must be done by submission of a risk assessment of that feed material. All relevant information (including the template of a risk assessment) is available here. The latest date of submission is 18th of April 2019. The applications submitted before that date will be assessed in the Technical Committee FSP of 20th of June 2019. Applications received after 18th of April 2019 will be addressed in the next meeting of 5th of November 2019.


More information about the assessments of Risk assessments

On the website, an update version of the Working Principles has been published as well. These Working Principles provide an extensive clarification of the objectives, advantages and the process concerning the application, structure and authorization of Risk Assessments in the context of the Feed Support Products.

The new version focuses more on the method used to assess products. The change we informed you about in our newsletter of January 31st 2019 has also been processed in the Working Principles.

The associated FAQ List Feed Support Products (GMP+ D3.17) has also been updated as a result.

Both documents have meanwhile been published on the website.