Today an amended Country Note China has been published

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Recently, some changes in the Country Note China have been approved by the International Expert Committee.

The updated version is available here.

The changes are:

  • Feed products, produced by applying this Country Note, can also be placed outside the local market.
  • Feed materials, used as carrier in premixtures, can be purchased under Gatekeeper conditions.
  • The limitation for 1-year application has been extended for 4 years.
  • A number of editorial changes.

This Country Note was developed for compound feed and premixture companies in China. In this Country Note additional requirements for Chinese companies are provided, among others a few options to purchase feed materials from non-GMP+ certified suppliers.

Application of this Country Note in combination with a regular GMP+ standard enables Chinese companies to establish a GMP+ feed safety assurance system. GMP+ International aims, also for China, to contribute in achieving a higher level of feed safety assurance, as already achieved in many other places in the world.

We encourage Chinese companies to contact either our local representative in China, Ms. Berry Wang, or GMP+ International directly with their feedback on the Chinese Country Note.