New Country Note Iberian Peninsula has been published

Thursday, April 18, 2019

After consultation to experts on Iberian feed market and approval by the International Expert Committee, GMP+ International launches this new GMP+ Country Note <i>Iberian Peninsula</i>.

The GMP+ Country Note Iberian Peninsula (CN-IP) has been published on our website.

This Country Note was developed for producers, traders and transport companies located in Andorra, Spain and Portugal. Different representatives of Iberian feed sector were involved when preparing this Country Note.

It provides a number of specific options for feed safety assurance taking into account the specific situation and structure of the feed industry on the Iberian peninsula.

Because the provided options are not the preferred options to assure the feed safety, these options can only be used temporarily.

How to apply?

This Country Note must be applied in combination with other GMP+ standards. Application for certification using GMP+ Country Note ‘Iberian Peninsula’ is done via the normal application procedure for GMP+ FSA certification. Interested companies should contact their preferred Certification Body. Formal certification for the GMP+ Country Note for Iberian Peninsula can start as from the 15th of May 2019.

Who can apply?

It can be used by companies interested on obtain the GMP+ FSA certification for first time. However, it can be also used by already GMP+ certified companies interested on extend its scope.


We will organize a workshop and consultation day to launch the GMP+ Country Note Iberian Peninsula (CN-IP) to guide the companies and also to accommodate queries and feedback. Details will be announced on our website soon.