Update: #ProjectGMP+2020: Well on its way

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Last year, in December 2018 we informed the GMP+ Community about an important development to the GMP+ FC scheme. This key development was named #ProjectGMP+2020 and focusses on the structure of the GMP+ FC scheme. Since then, we have made some significant steps which we will share with you in this communication.

#ProjectGMP+2020 has been launched to revise the entire structure of the GMP+ FC scheme by 2020. Guiding Principles have been developed to lead us through this process. Fortunately, we do this together with the support of the GMP+ Community and working group members are a representation of the sector. Recently, The International Expert Committee has expressed its support and agreed on the progress we made and planning we established. In a later phase, the entire GMP+ Community will be involved and will be asked for feedback.

Most noticeable changes: The Core and Technical Notes 

One of the most significant, and noticeable changes of #ProjectGMP+2020 is that all general requirements are now documented in one Core Standard. The noteworthy advantage of this change is that the requirements, such as the feed safety management system and HACCP, are now part of one document, instead of separate standards. In addition to that, we are also working on Technical Notes with requirements linked to specific activities.

At this moment, the first draft of the Core Standard has been finished and approved by the working group. The next step towards a future-proof GMP+ Feed Certification scheme was taken on April 15th, when the working group of the Technical Notes started working on simplifying and re-writing the technical conditions related to the activities of production, trade, storage and transport.

In the coming months we will work on finalizing the Technical Notes and present these, along with the Core Standard, to be approved by the International Expert Committee and Sub Committees in the third quarter of 2019. What will follow, is a period of extensive public consultation, which offers the GMP+ Community a chance to give their feedback on the new #ProjectGMP+2020 documentation.

Updated Planning

On the project website you can find an updated overview of the planning for #ProjectGMP+2020. Please note that these dates are preliminary and can be updated according to the progress of the project.

Where can you find more information? 

Visit the special project website-page where you can find the latest updates regarding the project as well as downloads and documentation. We want to keep you involved so you can expect questionnaires once available.

Make sure you and your colleagues sign up for the GMP+ Newsletters to receive the updates and news regarding #ProjectGMP+2020, visit our website regularly and join us on LinkedIn.

If you want to share your feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the GMP+ International Helpdesk.