Welcome COTECNA Inspection India Private Limited to the GMP+ Community!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

COTECNA Inspection India Private Limited has recently been accepted as a new Certification Body for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification. We are happy to announce to have 32 Certification Bodies, 2 Critical Locations and more than 372 GMP+ Auditors in charge for GMP+ certification worldwide.

COTECNA Inspection India Private Limited (hereafter COTECNA) is a Certification Body active in the agribusiness. COTECNA  is part of a global network of 3,000 employees in 100 offices and certified laboratories in over 50 countries. COTECNA started as a family business but exists now already for more than 40 years. The core business is testing, inspection, verification services and certification. COTECNA applied for GMP+ FSA certification for the scopes production of feed materials, trade in feed, storage & transshipment of feed but expect to extend with additional GMP+ scopes on short notice.

COTECNA’s first focus for GMP+ certification will be on  India, Malaysia, Oman, Indonesia and the Netherlands

COTECNA is excited to offer GMP+ FSA certification as it offers a lot of opportunities for sale of feeds in the domestic, as well as the international market.

Mrs. E. van Dorssen & Dr. Sudhir K Gupta, VP – South & South East Asia Managing Director

We are excited to welcome COTECNA to the GMP+ Community and are looking forward in working together.

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