Benchmark cultivation schemes

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The benchmark procedure for cultivation schemes is in its finishing phase. By comparing the cultivation schemes with the GMP+ requirements per element, GMP+ FSA certified companies are supported in the purchase from a certified grower.

GMP+ International allows existing cultivation schemes to provide insight into, to what extent their scheme meets the requirements of the GMP+ FC scheme. By performing a benchmark, it becomes clear what GMP+ requirements have and have not yet been covered in the cultivation scheme. Major benefit is that, because of this, the gatekeeper can mainly focus on meeting the requirements that have not yet been covered.

As of 2016, a GMP+ FSA certified company can only purchase the unprocessed agricultural product for feed from a grower via the gatekeeper protocol. To this end, it must apply the protocol from Annex 4 of GMP+ BA10 ‘Minimum Requirements for purchasing’.  Central in this protocol is the implementation of an appropriate entry check program, based on the risk assessment and carried out by the participant and the quality assurance applied by the grower. With this benchmark, GMP+ International wants to offer the gatekeepers appropriate support in the implementation of the risk assessment. The benchmark contributes to gaining insight into whether the product is also suitable for use and processing as feed. After the risk assessment, the gatekeeper can determine whether the product meets all requirements defined by GMP+.

In accordance with article 11.1 of the GMP+ A1 General Regulations this change is implemented by means of an executive decree. This executive degree is valid until the publication of the new GMP+ BA10 document on the website of GMP+ International.

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