Chlorpyrifos and Metalaxyl in sunflower acid oils originally from Eastern Europe

Friday, July 26, 2019

GMP+ International asks you to be alert for batches of sunflower acid oil (produced in Eastern Europe), which are possible contaminated with Chlorpyrifos and Metalaxyl. Lately, these contaminations are detected in products mainly from Ukraine.

What’s going on?

Based on current information, the contaminated batches were related to the harvest of 2018. The maximum residue limit(MRL) in sunflower acid oils of Chlorpyrifos is 0.025 mg/kg and the MRL of Metalaxyl is 0.045 mg/kg. Exceedance of these limits were detected in the first half of this year in several batches, from different producers. 

What can you do?

Be alert when buying sunflower acid oils (and products derived thereof) originating from Eastern Europe. If you receive batches with levels above the limits, please keep in mind that you must inform GMP+ International and your Certification Body. To this end, please use the EWS form. More information about the Early Warning System and submitting a notification is available on the website. Our previously published EWS warnings are available on the portal.


For more information about determining the MRL for pesticides in feed products, see GMP+ D3.19 FAQ Residue of pesticides in feed.