Validity of Country Notes

Friday, July 26, 2019

Recently, several questions have been raised about the Country Notes and for how long they will be applicable This newsletter will give more clarification about the period of validity of the Country Notes.

In the GMP+ FC scheme, Country Notes are published. These standards are formulated together with the industry and partners in a these countries. Country Notes give additional feed safety requirements which enable feed companies in certain regions and countries to start with GMP+ feed safety assurance.  Country Notes can only be applied in combination with a regular GMP+ FSA standard (‘add-on’) and only for a limited number of years.

GMP+ International has the intention to evaluate the  necessity and content of Country Notes, together with the industry and partners.

However, the results of the #ProjectGMP+2020 and the new purchase requirements (to be published in 2020) should be an important part of this evaluation.

Therefore, GMP+ International has decided that the evaluation cannot be done before 2020. Following that conclusion GMP+ International has decided to prolong the validity of all Country Notes. All Country Notes will expire December, 31th 2021 or later in cause the expiration date is set later. New versions of the Country Notes with the new expiration date will be published in Q4 of this year.

GMP+ International trusts that the extension of the validity period gives clarity to the involved companies and will enable them to continue in building a solid Feed Safety Management System.