EWS notifications and helpdesk questions visible at a glance

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

As of now, EWS notifications and Helpdesk questions are visible at a glance at the GMP+ Portal. Because of this, tracking your notification and / or question in the portal is easier and more organized.

The GMP+ portal offers more than just EWS notifications and Helpdesk questions. Certified companies have access to data and applications that contribute to feed safety. As a member of the GMP+ Community, you have login details to log in to the portal. When you are logged in when filing a notification or asking a question you can track the communication with GMP+ International.

For questions and notifications, please go to: https://portal.gmpplus.org/
If you don’t have any login details, please contact the helpdesk via helpdesk@gmpplus.org

Now that notifications and questions can be submitted via the portal, the formdesk form is no longer available. Only for carrying out an internal simulation test, the Word document is available on our website.