Projects refined after input customer satisfaction surveys

Monday, March 30, 2020

The opinion of our customers is very important to us. Together with research agency Satius B.V. we conducted two independent and objective customer satisfaction surveys (CSS) in 2017 and the end of 2019 to find out how you perceive our products and services and how we can make improvements.

In 2017 we conducted a first CSS, a so-called zero meeting. It resulted in an action plan with improvements. We then tested this with customers with a one-meeting. Dutch and German customers were able to answer questions about their experience with GMP International using online surveys and personal one-on-one interviews. 

Improvement plan

Various actions have been defined in the improvement plan to ensure that our products and services match the needs of our customers even better. Several projects such as #ProjectGMP+2020, digital examination and knowledge sharing have been refined as a result of the improvement plan.

The improvement plan has been approved by the Management Team which gives it support. However, it does not stop with the implementation of the improvement plan. We will continue to actively implement actions to improve services.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and hope, in the future, to continue to improve our products and services, with the help of your opinion.