Dear GMP+ Community

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The COVID-19 (Corona) situation has an enormous impact on us all. We can imagine that doing business can be difficult and challenging for you.

Certification and audit

We have already informed you regarding certification and audits through our newsletter from March 3th. We will do everything in our capacity to support our GMP+ Community. We are in constant contact with our GMP+ Community to monitor and adjust if necessary.

GMP+ Helpdesk and office management available

Our office is closed for our staff. Our staff will work from home so business can go on as much as possible. We have rescheduled activities and do all our meetings virtual to avoid unnecessary interaction between co-workers or during a commute.

You can reach us between 09:00 and 17:00 CEST via our GMP+ Helpdesk via email or phone +31 (0)70 307 41 44. Our Office Management is also available at +31 (0)70 307 41 20.

We hope to minimize any inconvenience, but should you encounter a delay we ask for your understanding and patience, we are trying to help our GMP+ Community to the fullest of our capacity without losing focus on feed safety.

On our website you’ll find actual information and we will keep you informed on new developments. We wish everyone good luck in this exceptional situation.


Johan den Hartog
Roland van der Post