Our first Brazilian Chain Partner

Monday, September 28, 2020

Brazilian Grain and Feed Exporters Association is the newest GMP+ International chain partner. Recently, the partnership agreement was signed with the commitment to fulfil goals for the Brazilian market.  

Welcome ANEC

GMP+ International welcomes the first chain partner from Brazil, Associação Nacional dos Exportadores de Cereais (ANEC). Last July, we officially sealed our partnership agreement to promote feed safety awareness and support application of proper feed safety assurance by ANEC members in accordance with international standard, collaboration in marketing and promotion in the interest of the Brazilian companies and International operating in Brazil and also to work with long term sustainable programs.

“ANEC is very happy to join GMP+ International as a partner. We represent Brazilian grain and feed exporters, and many of our associates have already been certified on the scheme. With the partnership we will have the opportunity to work closer with GMP+ and to exchange information on the very important matter of feed quality. Brazil is an important producer of feed ingredients and we need to be aware of the world’s demands” says ANEC Director, Sérgio Castanho Teixeira Mendes.

“GMP+ International is very delighted to receive ANEC as additional chain partner and first partner from Brazil. We are optimistic about ANEC and we are happy to share the same vision with them” Johan Den Hartog, GMP+ Managing Director says. 

We want you in!

Currently, GMP+ International has 42 chain partners and we continue to seek more collaboration anywhere in the world. If you are interested to become a partner, contact our Business Development unit.