Successful Seminar Feed & Food Safety

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Seminar Feed & Food Safety: Beyond Control & Assurance


On the 15th of November we organized a very successful seminar in Hannover, Germany. About 80 German feed market professionals attended our seminar.

 GMP+ International Managing Director Johan den Hartog, opened the seminar with his presentation discussing: ‘Our joined and common challenges for the future.’

 Dr. Hermann-Josef Baaken from, DVT followed by talking about the sustainability of feed companies. The last speaker before the break was Dr. Verena Schütz, from Deutscher Raiffeisenverband. She discussed the role of feed safety in case of African Swine Fever. After the break Marion Schaefer from Nordzucker AG continued to talk about Risk Assessment and Christian Grütters from Agravis Raifeisen AG followed by discussing the implementation of HACCP. The last speaker of the day was Stefan Pohl from DTG who shared his thoughts about Data Sharing.

We would like to thank all our key note speakers for taking the time to share their knowledge and experiences and our German partners with whom we have been working closely to ensure feed safety worldwide.