Update: Temporary measures due to low water levels

Friday, November 30, 2018

Last week we published the temporary measures to facilitate GMP+ FSA certified companies who are facing problems due to the low water level in the rivers. After, again, consultation of several stakeholders we want to give you a short update.

Notification: Starting November 30th 2018 it is mandatory to notify your CB and GMP+ international that you make use of this temporary measure and for which route/region.

Important notice:

In addition to this protocol the following requirements are also applicable:

To make use of this temporary measure, it is mandatory to inform GMP+ International and the Certification Body starting November 30th 2018. You should indicate that you are making use of this temporary measure and indicate to which route and region this applies.

GMP+ International can be informed via info@gmpplus.org or via the contact form on the website. Notifying GMP+ International and the CB is mandatory starting November 30th 2018.

The information sent to GMP+ International and the Certification Body will be assessed by the CB during the next audit. Just like this is the case when a company is using any other GMP+ gatekeeper protocol.


Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures

We would like to emphasize that GMP+ certified companies have done everything possible to use GMP+ FSA certified transport. In case GMP+ FSA certified transport is not available due to the problems with the low water level, then you are allowed to use non-GMP+ FSA certified transport according to gatekeeper protocols as published in the newsletter of November 19th, 2018. We would like to emphasize that individual companies are always responsible for safe feed materials and feed. And companies must of course comply with the relevant legislation.


Misuse of the temporary measure

When we determine misuse, we take the appropriate measures. We do not accept misuse! When you determine misuse by any company, inform GMP+ International via info@gmpplus.org or the contact form. We are already acting on communications by several organizations.


Evaluation of the temporary measure

Together with the partners’ associations involved we will evaluate the situation constantly and we will communicate when new information is available. As soon as there are no more problems due to the low water level, we will limit or end this temporary measurement immediately.


Especially Inland Waterways

The GMP+ participant who make use of the gatekeeper protocol for inland waterways, ensures a quality agreement with the ship and provides detailed instruction to the shipper, with all rights and obligations arising from the HACCP legislation and the GMP + conditions. Moreover he ensures a GMP + 1st inspection by GMP + approved inspectors from a certification body that carries GMP + 4.3 in its scope.