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Monday, November 30, 2020

Do you know someone who would call this a career+?

We believe in cooperating with our partners and customers. We believe in cooperating with you! Offering the best possible service is our highest priority…Which is why we’re looking for Helpdesk employees.

Do you think you know someone who’d love the job described below? Forward the vacancy and make both them and us very happy.

A short introduction

As a Helpdesk employee at GMP+ International you are at the centre of the organisation. You help to find the best answers for our customers and you interact with colleagues who can help you with this. You have the opportunity to implement changes and improve processes when necessary. The fact that these benefit the customer, the organisation, your colleagues, and our common goal of improving feed safety worldwide feels like the biggest plus.

You’ll find the entire job description at

We really appreciate your help!