Update 3: #ProjectGMP+2020: A closer look at what’s changing

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We previously informed the GMP + Community about the changes in the structure and about the general project planning. Now it's time to give a sneak peek on the upcoming changes to the GMP + FSA scheme.


The objective of #ProjectGMP+2020 is that no concessions are made with regard to feed safety.  The GMP+ FSA standards will be made more accessible and organized, however. This is also done by simplifying the structure of the scheme. The current four standards will be rewritten into a main standard, the so-called Core standard. But also, by writing the requirements in the standards more purposefully.

This could mean that a requirement for which there currently is an extensive description about how a participant must do something, will only have an objective description in the new standard. The advantage is that in the new situation, an interpretation can be formed that suits the individual corporate situations, as long as the defined objective is achieved. In addition, documents will be developed with explanation and examples to support participants, so-called Guidances.



Simpler and easier to understand

One of the improvements we are implementing in the current standards is to refrain from abbreviations which we are (currently) using frequently and writing the full phrase instead. This allows GMP+ participants to easier identify what is meant by the specific reference. The structure of the text is being improved as well.  Instead of long chunks of text, bullet lists or other visual forms of displaying text will be used where possible. This will make the standards simpler and easier to understand.

The structure and the texts will change, but the level of quality assurance of the new scheme will be the same as in the current scheme. However, as a result of the changed structure, several substantive changes will be made. We will inform you about these changes. We will publish a cross reference table, for instance, in which all changes to the current scheme in respect of the new scheme will be visible at a glance.

Follow-up steps

September and October will be all about completing the final drafts of the new Core standard, technical notes and the annexes. These will then be coordinated with the International Expert Committee (IEC) and the various subcommittees. Subsequently there will be a period in which the result is presented to the GMP+ Community. When this time comes you can start assessing what will be different in the new standards and let us know what you think about that (Public Consultation). Subsequently, a program will be initiated in support of the transition period. So, make sure to keep following our coverage to stay informed about the developments.


On the project web pages you can find an overview of the planning for #ProjectGMP+2020. Please note that these dates are preliminary and can be updated according to the progress of the project.

More information

Visit our #ProjectGMP+2020 page where you can find the latest updates as well as downloads and documentation. We want to keep you involved so you can expect questionnaires once available.

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