Upload your analysis results

Monday, March 30, 2020

The GMP+ Monitoring database fits in our ambition to optimize and share knowledge. That’s why every year we evaluate the results of the previous year. Before we start with the evaluation of 2019, we kindly ask you to upload the last results of 2019 to the GMP+ Monitoring database before April 17th, 2020 and to share them (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community.

Evaluation monitoring results 2019

At the end of April will we start with the evaluation, so please share the results that are requested under GMP+ requirements (such as samples with positive Salmonella results and their serotyping in the context of the Salmonella protocols from GMP+ BA4). You will find the requirements to share analysis results in the GMP+ Monitoring database in the monitoring protocols in GMP+ BA4, GMP+ BA10 and some of our Country Notes.

Only when you share the results with the GMP+ Community, we can use your results to evaluate the GMP+ requirements.

Share all your analyses

The more analysis results there are shared in the GMP+ Monitoring database, the more valuable the evaluation of 2019 will be. We therefor invite you to share all your analyses with the GMP+ Community anonymously as well. After all: the more results are shared, the more information is available to all GMP+ participants. You can use this information in your HACCP analysis to assess the risk.

Only companies that produce and/or trade will have a monitoring program and are therefore (in above mentioned cases) required to share their analysis results. Therefore, service providers such as transporting companies and storage facilities are not requested to share analysis results.

Upload support

If you have any problems when uploading and / or sharing the analysis results, you can find more information in our GMP+ Monitoring database Manual or contact GMP+ International.