Fact sheets

GMP+ International wants to contribute to the highest possible knowledge level in the feed sector. Our fact sheets play an important role in that ambition.

The fact sheets of GMP+ International provide certified companies with important background information. Not only are undesirable substances identified (hazards), but the reader also gains insight into the question why. Why does this substance pose a threat? What are the possible effects on humans or animals? In addition, there are also fact sheets about various processing aids used in the production of feed materials.

We recommend certified companies to frequently consult the fact sheets. The documents provide valuable insight into the assurance of feed safety. In the reader is explained for each chapter what information can be consulted in the fact sheets.

Which Fact Sheets are available?

  • Undesirable substances
  • Processing aids
  • Quick scans

The fact sheets can be accessed when you are logged in to this portalIf you do not (yet) have an account for the GMP+ Portal, please send an email via the contact form. If you have forgotten your password, please go to ‘forgotten password’.

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