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Digital submission analysis results

If you want to submit your analysis results via digital messages, you (or your laboratory) can draw up the analysis results in an Excel or XML file, so that it can be submitted to the GMP+ Monitoring database. For the database to be able to read the file, the file must meet a number of requirements. In any case, you will have to use a ‘format’ that is compatible with the GMP+ Monitoring database.

The GMP+ Monitoring database accepts two file formats: Excel and XML. In both file formats it is possible to have a sample that has already been registered supplemented with the analysis results or to submit all details digitally. 

Below you’ll find empty templates and an example. 

GMP+ Excel - complete message empty template example
GMP+ Excel - supplement to registered sample empty template example
GMP+ XML – complete message empty template  
GMP+ XML – supplement to registered sample empty template  

 More information about the digital submission of analysis results, is available in the manual of the GMP+ Monitoring database. 

Submitting digital analysis results to the GMP+ Monitoring database?
Once the digital message has been drawn up, it can be submitted to: monitoringdata@gmpplus.org.

It is also possible to test your digital message. Send this testfile to: testserviceMD@gmpplus.org.

Please note: do not include any questions/comments in the email! Th​ese e-mail addresses are only used for submitting digital analysis results and are not read by anyone. To contact GMP+ International with questions about the GMP+ Monitoring database, you can use the customary contact methods (see contact details on our website).

Code lists

To create the digital message, you require the codes from the (un)desirable substances included in the GMP+ Monitoring database, among other things. These codes can also be accessed when you are logged in to the portal

Use the flag icons below to change the language of the code list.


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