Certification Body

21 augustus 2019
Wees alert op organisaties welke certificaten verstrekken die de indruk wekken dat uw bedrijf GMP+ gecertificeerd is
01 juli 2019
GMP+ B4, de definitieve implementatiedatum voor vereisten combinatievoertuigen is uitgesteld.
14 juni 2018
Vrijwillige add-on onaangekondigde tussentijdse audit is vanaf 4 juni 2018 opnieuw geïnstalleerd.
07 september 2017
On September 29th 2017, a migration of our Chainpoint servers will be implemented. Because of this, Chainpoint is expected to be inaccessible for a period of 72 hours.
15 augustus 2017
Recently GMP+ International has observed in three individual cases that a GMP+ certified participant (certified for the scope “Trade in Feed”) has not been audited on-site by the GMP+ accepted Certification Body.
13 april 2017
There appears to be some discussion about how to interpret the GMP+ clause which requires a strict and complete physical separation in the factory. This memo is meant to give some clarity.
13 april 2017
Herinnering !
30 maart 2017
It was pointed out to GMP+ International that the requirements referring to the produc-tion of GMP+ feed must be strict and complete physical and organizational separated from the production of non GMP+ feed, food and nonfeed/nonfood products is clearly defined.
24 februari 2017
Guardis International Certifications GmbH from Berg, Germany has recently been accepted as a new certification body for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification.
15 februari 2017
GMP+ International has worked together intensively with the Subcommittee C&C to complete the new GMP+ C10 Acceptation requirements and procedure for Certification Bodies.

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