Unannounced audit

14 januari 2016

With our newsletter dated 30.07.2015 GMP+ International informed you that the unannounced audit was re-established into the GMP+ FC scheme, FSA module. It is optional for a company to apply for, if there is a market demand.

Ovocom has announced that from 01.07.2016 the Feed Chain Alliance certified companies may only - in case of direct delivery by producers of feed – be supplied by GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) certified suppliers which are unannounced audited.

It was agreed with Ovocom that GMP+ FSA certified companies would be labelled as such with the scope ‘unannounced audit’ in the GMP+ Company database. It should be clear that the involved certification body may only add the scope “unannounced audit” into the GMP+ database after the unannounced audit has really been conducted.

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