Growing interest for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance in China

18 mei 2016

With 180 million tons mixed feed production in 2015, China is on the top of feed producing countries. The Chinese feed industry develops rapidly. The commercial feed industry of China plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of the country’s livestock sector. It also creates numerous export opportunities, enabling China’s economy. In the last couple of years, the number of feed mills dropped down from about 10,000 to 7,000.

Besides scaling up the production facilities, the introduction of new feed legislation contributed to this decrease of total number of feed mills. The new legislation provides insight on feed safety control. Important aspects concern Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), control of supply chain and traceability. Food safety has a high priority of the Chinese government - whereas GMP+ FSA certification could make major contributions.

Over the last two years, we have noticed an increase of 75% of Chinese feed companies concerning  the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) certification. By the end of 2013, there were 39 certified feed mills. By now – mid April 2016, we reached a total number of 70.

One of the earliest Chinese feed companies obtaining a GMP+ FSA certification was

Beijing JiuZhouDaDi Biology Group Co.,LTD. This Chinese company was founded in 1995. It is a listed high-tech agricultural enterprise specializing on feed and animal protection, and is only active on the domestic market. During the implementation of GMP+ FSA certification, JiuZhouDaDi has accumulated extensive experience and improved the assurance of the feed safety control, thereby offering safe products to the Chinese domestic market.

Dr Jifu Han, R&D director of JiuZhouDaDi, says: “Compared with ISO 9000 / 22000, GMP+ FSA certification requires more comprehensive, meticulous and strict rules and is of a great practicality, thereby helping us better guide the feed safety control and improvement of the feed safety of products in the production chain. Moreover, GMP+ FSA principles are more flexible and advanced, which helps us successfully deal with any situational changes at any moment. Furthermore, the GMP+ FSA certificate is an international scheme, which is allows us to develop markets overseas -  laying the foundation for an international enterprise”. During a recent visit of Mr. Johan den Hartog, Managing Director of GMP+ International, the management of JiuZhouDaDi expressed the importance that GMP+ FSA certification brings to  improving feed safety control. The company wishes that GMP+ FSA certification can be promoted more broadly in China, so that they can enhance the awareness and stimulate the need of this kind of certification for the feed industry.

Mr. Johan den Hartog said that GMP+ International will be more active in Chinese market in the future. GMP+ International’s chain approach can help Chinese companies to link with international markets and to comply with the new Chinese feed legislation. GMP+ International will also stimulate and engage for closer cooperation and partnership with the Chinese government.

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