Public Consultation

dinsdag 31 oktober 2017

In the upcoming months, GMP+ International will be working on the amendments in the GMP+ requirements. These will eventually influence GMP+ purchase require-ments. We invite you to be involved in the decisions that will be made.

In the framework of harmonization of purchase requirements between major European feed safety schemes, specifically a number of GMP+ gatekeeper protocols will change and new gatekeeper protocols will be added.

  • Good Merchandising Quality (GMQ) Palm oil
  • Former foodstuffs

In cooperation with the other schemes, a special appendix has been prepared with requirements for by-products from the oil and fat industry:

These requirements are especially important for GMP+ certified companies involved in the production and trade of these products. 
The purpose of these requirements is:

  • to increase feed safety when using the by-products coming from the oils and fats industry (a.o. milling / crushing and refinery supply chain).
  • to create a level playing field: with the introduction of these requirements, the schemes have decided to delete the option for long-term gatekeeping which until now exists in a few schemes.

You are kindly invited to comment on our latest proposals on the amendments in the GMP+ requirements before the 15th of November 2017. 
Your comments will be assessed and used for preparing the final proposals, which will be published as soon as possible afterwards


Reaction form

All GMP+ participants are invited to review the proposed changes and to respond to them via this reaction form.


In the near future more protocols will be published for public consultation, so you can be involved in the decisions we are going to make !