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Food safety in the Ukraine and in the world

On Thursday, 22nd of February 2018, we are organizing a seminar about "Food Safety in the World and Ukraine". The seminar will take place in the Ukraine, Kiev, Venice Island, 1, Metro Hydropark at Hotel Baccarat.

Program details can be found here.

Who are we inviting to participate?
All enterprises involved in the production, processing, storage, sale and transportation of feed, premixes, feed materials and raw materials, auditors and consultants, GMP + certified companies, profile associations, institutes and government agencies are welcome to join.

How to register
Participation of the workshop is free of charge but pre-registration is required to attend. You can find the registration form here.

Registering via phone or e-mail is also possible by reaching out to the GMP+ International National Representative, Ms. Tatiana Kopnyak via phone, +380672309763 or by e-mail

Registrations are accepted until Monday February 19th 2018, end of day.