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Risk assessments

This section of the Feed Support Products contains the feedmaterial risk assessments. The (generic) risk assessments fully comply with the requirements referred to in the HACCP manual for the animal feed sector. The accepted feedmaterial can be viewed in the menu below. The system allows for searching by product name or by risk assessment. Each risk assessment can subsequently be viewed in digital format with background information for each hazard, an explanation of the severity and applicable standards. A downloadable .pdf file is available for each risk assessment.
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(part of) product name (part of) risk assessment  

 codeproduct namesynonyms 
2.320 Fermented soya (bean) protein (concentrate) Cat.1017/2017: 2.18.15
1.077(Maize) glucose molasses
4.053(Sugar) beet molasses, betaine rich, liquid/dried Cat. 68/2013: 4.1.15
4.036(Sugar) beet molasses, partially desugared and/or debetainised Cat. 68/2013: 4.1.5
4.033(Sugar) Beet seed
4.034(Sugar) Beet seed clew
4.032(Sugar) Beet tail ends Cat. 68/2013: 4.1.2
4.035(Sugar-)beet molasses Beet molasses, Cat. 68/2013: 4.1.4
7.010(Sugar-)cane bagasse
7.011(Sugar-)cane molasses
13.031Acids oils mixture from chemically refining of various vegetable oils Feed Catalogue 68/2013, nr. 13.6.1
13.071Agaricus blazei Murill, cooking fluid Agaricus brasiliensis, cooking fluid
13.073Agaricus blazei Murill, pulp Agaricus brasiliensis, pulp
13.072Agaricus blazei Murill, spray dried cooking fluid Agaricus brasiliensis, spray dried
13.110Alcohol water Cat. 68/2013: 13.1.15
7.029Algae extract Algae fraction
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