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Risk assessment submission

Feed materials for feeding to food producing livestock should be included in the product list of the Feed Support Products (FSP) using a generic risk assessment. This is a requirement of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. 

In a number of mineral feed materials, the producer name is still referred to in the product list. For this group of feed materials, company specific risk assessments must be submitted. The company specific risk assessments are not published. This no longer applies for the mineral feed materials of which a generic risk assessment has been established and published in FSP. The generic risk assessments have been drawn up based on all company specific risk assessments.

An application for the inclusion of a risk assessment can be submitted by a (future) GMP+ certified company but also by others such as branch organisations or consultancy forms. An application must be submitted (in English) using the
template available for this purpose.

If you are unsure whether or not your product is a feed material then you can check this by consulting the "
Feed Materials Decision Tree'. Answering some questions will lead you to a categorization of the product in question.

Before drawing up a risk assessment, we advise you also to consult the information in the "Question and Answer List”.
Acceptance procedure for new risk assessments
If you wish to have a product included in the FSP then you should go through the following steps:
1.     Submission of a risk assessment
2.     Initial screening by GMP+ International
3.     Second screening by external experts
4.     Inclusion in the FSP once approved
The explanation of the steps can be found here.

TCFSP Meeting schedule for 2018

The Technical Committee FSP (TCFSP) has 3 meetings planned in 2018. During these meetings the members of the TCFSP will assess the new risk assessments. Please find the meeting dates and the related deadlines for submissions for the companies of (new) risk assessments in the table below.

TCFSP Meeting


Deadlines for submission (new) risk assessment

1st meeting

6 March

9 January

2nd meeting

19 June

10 April

3rd meeting

6 November

28 August