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GMP+ exams

Intended for: (prospective) certification bodies and (prospective) GMP+ auditors.

Five times a year, GMP+ International organizes a round of exams. These take place in Asia, (Malaysia), South America (Argentina) and Europe (Germany / the Netherlands).
The determination of the exact locations and dates for a GMP+ exam round takes place halfway through the calendar year for the subsequent year and is published on our website.

The GMP+ exam is a theoretic test to determine whether GMP+ auditors have sufficient knowledge. The successful completion of a GMP+ exam is a statutory part for auditors to obtain or retain GMP+ approval.
Another required part for the approval of prospective auditors is the documentation assessment. Certification bodies are to provide documentation that gives GMP+ International insight in the training level, the audit training / experience and other relevant knowledge and skills of the relevant auditors among other things (for the exact requirements, please see annex 2 of the GMP+ C1 Approval requirements and approval procedure certification bodies).

As of now, certification bodies that have not (yet) been approved by GMP+ International can sign up their auditors for a GMP+ exam. They need to use the application form to this end. In addition to submitting the application form, an e-mail must be sent to info@gmpplus.org (stating “GMP+ exam”) in which all relevant corporate information is listed. This is necessary in relation to the billing of the exams. The costs per exam are € 90 (VAT excluded).

Independent (freelance) auditors cannot sign themselves up. Applications should always be made by a (prospective) certification body.