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On this page, you’ll find a list of the current forms, used by GMP+ International.
By clicking the name, you’ll be taken directly to the form.

This blank form can be used for reporting a possible contamination of feed. 

If you wish to inform us in writing (after business hours) or want to ask us a question, please send us an
e-mail or use this form.

If you have a complaint, please use this complaint form

Partner Animal Feed
Partner Responsible Biomass
If you want to become a partner of GMP+ International, please use this form 

With this form you can subscribe to the digital news messages

With this form you can request an exemption based on art. 11.3 of
GMP+ A1 General Regulations of the GMP+ FC scheme

GMP+ BA6, Annex 1
Submission form for approval of translated declarations GMP+ BA6, Annex 1.

Application form GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch
Form to join the group QM-Milch in the GMP+ Monitoring database, allowing you to (anonymously) share your analysis results.

Exceedence notification form GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch
GMP + International must be informed by this form to report any exceedence of action or rejection limits in the context of the Country Note QM-Milch

Registration QS participants into the GMP+ relations database
With this form, QS-certified companies can sign up after which they will be published on the website of GMP+ International.
Application form cargo classification IDTF
With this form you can submit a request for the determination of a cleaning regime for a product to be transported.

If, following the course offering, you have a question or wish to contact us, please use this form.