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Reminder: Request for submission of analysis results 2014


Newsletter GMP+ Monitoring database – no. 1

Intended for GMP+ certified companies, CBs and other interested parties

Request for submission of analysis results 
We currently live in March 2015, the perfect time to draw up the balance of 2014. Just like in previous years, we would like you to submit the last results of 2014 into the GMP+ Monitoring database. We kindly ask you to do so at the latest on April 1st 2015 and to share them (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community.

Evaluation monitoring results 2014 
The more analysis results are available in the GMP+ Monitoring database, the more valuable the evaluation of 2014 will be. Please, do not forget to (anonymously) share the results you have to submit under GMP+ requirements (such as the Salmonella protocols from GMP+ BA4) with the GMP+ Community.

For the other analyses, you can decide whether or not to share them. GMP+ International invites you to share these other analyses (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community as well. After all: the more results are shared, the more information is available to all GMP+ participants. You can use this information in your HACCP analysis for estimating the likelihood of occurrence!

Support in entering results 
Should you encounter any issues when entering or sharing the analysis results, you can find more information in our manual and Q&A list or contact GMP+ International.

What can I do with the GMP+ Monitoring database?
In the GMP+ Monitoring database (groups of) companies can create a private area in which they can manage their analysis results, and can mutually share these results.

Where do I find the GMP+ Monitoring database?
You can find the GMP+ Monitoring database by clicking ‘My monitoring’ in the purple section ‘My GMP+’ of the GMP+ portaal . You do need to be logged in to do so. When your laboratory wants to submit digital analysis results on your behalf, you can find information to this end on this page.

Where do I find more information?
A manual is available that provides you with a step by step explanation on how the GMP+ Monitoring database works. In addition, a Q&A list is available containing answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, we invite you to ask your questions and share your experiences via the contact form (subject: GMP+ Monitoring database). Would you rather contact us by phone? Please call +31 (0)70 307 41 20