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GMP+ certificate: discover the benefits

GMP+ International manages the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, which consists of two modules:

1) GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA)
2) GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA)


The GMP+ FSA module was developed to guarantee the safety of feed and to comfort consumers by guaranteeing that feed products are produced, processed, traded, stored and transported in a responsible manner. Conditions for the guarantee of feed safety are documented in GMP+ FSA standards. These standards are based on legislation and additional market requirements.

The GMP+ FRA module plays an important role in responsible entrepreneurship. Companies that apply the Feed Responsibility Assurance focus on the consequences of their actions for people and the environment, in addition to making profit.

Advantages of GMP+ certification

Companies benefit from GMP+ certification, because it:

1)    is focused on quality management (ISO 9001) and risk management (HACCP);

2)    provides access to supporting information and services, such as risk assessments, fact sheets, storing
       and sharing your monitoring data, newsletters, Early Warning messages etc);

3)    offers new sales opportunities and to a great degree, ensures the retention of current customers;

4)    guarantees the continuity of business operations, because the corporate structure is set up more   
       efficiently and the costs and financial risks are limited;

5)    helps improve the company image and the reliability;

6)    makes your company part of a globally operating feed safety system (the GMP+ certificate is accepted
       internationally by  about 12000 companies in 66 countries);

7)    is accepted by other (inter)national schemes;

8)    can easily be combined with multiple certifications (feed safety and sustainability);

9)    contributes to uniformity in the feed chain.


With the application of the GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA standards in your organization, you’ll realize a responsible structure internally, and an image that represents quality, safety and justification externally. The certificates of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme are accepted (inter)nationally and are essential in the uniformity in the feed chain. All this positively affects people and animals, the world, and last but not least, your company.