Early Warning System (EWS)

30 sierpnia 2018
Bezpieczeństwo żywności to wspólna odpowiedzialność.
28 września 2017
GMP+ International has made an overview of the EWS notifications received in the period January through August 2017. The main information is included in an information sheet.
11 lipca 2017
GMP+ International has an EWS notification app
20 marca 2017
Z dniem 1 marca 2017 weszła w życie nowa wersja GMP+ BA4 Minimalne wymogi EWS.
13 marca 2017
By means of this newsletter, we would like to inform you about the key facts and figures of the EWS reports of 2016. You can also use this information in drawing up your company specific HACCP plan.
08 grudnia 2016
GMP+ International is keen on identifying continuously potential feed safety hazards in the feed (supply) chain. Communication about it to the GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) certified companies means to alert them, in order to avoid that these hazards become real risks, and to trigger them to take proper control measures.
20 października 2016
This is shown in a recently held EWS survey among GMP+ participants who filed an EWS notification in 2015 and the first half of 2016 and / or who have been involved in an EWS case.
24 marca 2016
Recently, GMP+ International closed an EWS case in which anthraquinone levels above the maximum permitted limit were detected in a batch of organic beet pulp from Ger-many.
09 lutego 2016
With 147 EWS notifications divided across EWS cases, GMP+ International faced a signifi-cant increase in the number of EWS notifications compared to 2014 (75). The number of warnings sent to GMP+ participants was significantly less (17) than the 45 warnings in 2014.

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