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14 czerwca 2018
Dobrowolny audyt nadzoru niezapowiedzianego dodatku jest ponownie instalowany od 4 czerwca 2018 roku
07 września 2017
On September 29th 2017, a migration of our Chainpoint servers will be implemented. Because of this, Chainpoint is expected to be inaccessible for a period of 72 hours.
31 sierpnia 2017
Mamy przyjemnością zawiadomić, że w roku jubileuszu naszego 25-lecia zatwierdziliśmy 32 Organizację Certyfikującą - firmę LL-C Certification z Republiki Czeskiej.
15 sierpnia 2017
Recently GMP+ International has observed in three individual cases that a GMP+ certi-fied participant (certified for the scope “Trade in Feed”) has not been audited on-site by the GMP+ accepted Certification Body.
13 kwietnia 2017
There appears to be some discussion about how to interpret the GMP+ clause which requires a strict and complete physical separation in the factory. This memo is meant to give some clarity.
30 marca 2017
It was pointed out to GMP+ International that the requirements referring to the produc-tion of GMP+ feed must be strict and complete physical and organizational separated from the production of non GMP+ feed, food and nonfeed/nonfood products is clearly defined.
24 lutego 2017
Firma Guardis International Certifications GmbH z Berg, Niemcy została ostatnio zatwierdzona jako nowa organizacja certyfikująca dla certyfikacji GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance.
15 lutego 2017
GMP+ International has worked together intensively with the Subcommittee Certification & Compliance to complete the new GMP+ C10 Acceptation requirements and procedure for Certification Bodies (hereafter GMP+ C10).
21 grudnia 2016
At this moment GMP+ International is receiving a lot of questions how the Country Note BCN-DE1 QM-Milch can quickly but justified be added to the scope of certification of GMP+ participants without auditing GMP+ participants on site.
15 grudnia 2016
With this letter GMP+ International would like to request you to, in the event of the gatekeeper protocol for transport of hay and straw laid down in GMP+ BA10, Annex 9, temporarily not to classify transport from the A-countries as a non-conformity, just as a remark and to motivate and document this remark.

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