Tariffs GMP+ International 2017

08 grudnia 2016

Although the costs have increased as a result of the strongh growth of the number of GMP+ participants, GMP+ International has decided NOT to increase the prices for 2017.

GMP+ International is the manager of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme and the Responsible Biomass Certification scheme. The document GMP+ C4 Tariffs 2016 contains the tariffs for the contributions of the Certification Bodies and of the GMP+ and RBC certified companies.

The principle in the establishment of these tariffs is that the income has to cover all costs related to the management and maintenance of the above mentioned schemes.

Because of this reason, in 2017, GMP+ International applies no price indexation to the tariffs.

The current tariffs have been published in the GMP+ C4 Tariffs 2017 document which is available on our website. All other changes are highlighted in grey / stricken through in the latest version of the GMP+ C4 tariffs 2017 document. 

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