Update about Country Note GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch

13 lipca 2016

In our newsletter from 1-10-2015 we informed you about the introduction of the Coun-try Note GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch. This country note provides additional safety condi-tions, especially focused on assuring a high quality and safety level of dairy feed, delivered to German dairy farmers. This country note has been made togeth-er with some of our German partners (DVT and DRV), and in close cooperation with QM-Milch e.V.

GMP+ participants can via a regular GMP+ certification in combination with the certification against the country note, qualify themselves as a QM-Milch approved supplier of dairy feed.

As a result of a first evaluation, we would like to inform you about:

Temporary list will disappear per 01-01-2017

A company, audited successfully against the Country Note QM-Milch, will get a special scope (‘QM-Milch’). This scope is the ultimate proof that a feed company is a QM-Milch approved supplier. In the publicly accessible GMP+ database, everyone can look up which companies have this scope, and are QM-Milch approved suppliers.

However, in order to have a quick start, GMP+ International offered in October 2015 the GMP+ certified companies a second option to become a QM-Milch approved supplier: via registration on a temporary list. From the start in October last year this list was indeed intended to provide GMP+ certified companies a temporary option to qualify themselves as QM-Milch approved suppliers.

Recently, it was decided to remove the temporary list at the end of this year. This means that every GMP+ certified company, still on this list, should make sure that it is audited before the end of this year and is registered in the GMP+ Company database with the relevant scope (‘QM-Milch’). From the first of January 2017, the registration with this scope is the only way for a GMP+ certified company to demonstrate it is a QM-Milch approved supplier.

Please, contact your Certification Body timely to arrange this.

Signing up with GMP+ International is still necessary

Be aware that you still need to sign up with GMP+ International. One of the conditions in the Country Note is that you register and share relevant analysis data with the group QM Milch in the GMP+ Monitoring database.

Fill in this form to join the group QM Milch in the GMP+ Monitoring database.

The same form is used for inclusion on the temporary list.

By signing up, you will receive an invitation from us to join the QM-Milch group in the GMP+ Monitoring database. Via this group, you can – anonymously - share your analysis results (part of the requirements of the Country Note). In the manual of the GMP+ Monitoring database, you’ll find more information about membership in groups.

In conclusion

There will undoubtedly be questions or perhaps ambiguities. Do not hesitate to ask us anything you would like to know, preferably via info@gmpplus.org.  GMP+ International will use these questions to supplement and update the FAQ list.

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