Where does GMP+ certification begin?

13 lipca 2016

GMP+ International frequently receives questions about the purchasing of products, in particular about whether the supplier of a certain product must be GMP+ or equivalently certified. In some situations, it is easier to identify where GMP+ certification in the chain begins than in others.

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme requires that producers of feed materials – among other parties – implement a management system assuring the safety of feed. To clarify where the production of feed materials and – with that-  GMP+ certification begins, we have updated the document D3.5 where does GMP+ certification begin? This document contains several examples of chains, explaining where GMP+ certification begins and what requirements apply to the purchase of raw materials for the production of feed. In addition, this document contains a number of examples of the application of gatekeeper protocols from GMP+ BA10 Minimum requirements purchasing.

The new version of the D3.5 Where does GMP+ certification begin? is available here.

We consider the version we have currently published as the first version and we would like to expand it with more examples. Therefore, we invite you to submit your situation. You can do this by sending an e-mail to our helpdesk via

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