The International Committee for Road Transport (ICRT) welcomes AMA-Marketing as the eighth member

06 czerwca 2016

Since March 2016 AMA-Marketing is an official member of the ICRT. AMA-Marketing is the owner of the pastus quality assurance system. The Austrian organisation, which is located in Vienna, is the eighth member of the ICRT-committee.

Safe feed is a crucial part of a vertical integrated quality assurance system. Therefore a quality assurance system for feed is a key part of the AMA quality seals. The quality assurance system of AMA-Marketing in the Austrian feed sector is called pastusÅ, which is the Latin word for “feed”. Farmers in the AMA programme have to use certified feedstuff for their animals.

The necessary requirements for the ICRT are already integrated in the guidelines of pastusÅ and the modifications in the IDTF database are in process.

The International Committee for Road Transport or ICRT was founded in 2007 by the organisations OVOCOM (Belgium), GMP+ International (The Netherlands) and Qualimat (France). QS Qualität und Sicherheit (Germany) joined the committee in 2009 and GTP, AIC and Gafta followed in 2013. For the purpose of assurance of feed safety within the animal feed sector, the members strive to harmonize the requirements for bulk road transport of products intended for animal feed. Link IDTF-website

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