Intended changes GMP+ FC scheme

18 maja 2016

GMP+ International has published proposed changes to the GMP+ FSA module on the website.

In accordance with the procedure for adjustments to the GMP+ FSA module, all proposed changes are published on the website for public consultation.

All substantive changes are documented in a “Proposal for amendment” listing the changes and the associated argumentation. This “Proposal for amendment” is created per standard. In addition, some concepts have been drawn up of the standards, in which the proposed changes are included.

It concerns the following documents.

  • Proposal for Amendment GMP+ BA6
  • Proposal for Amendment GMP+ BA10 –Annex 9
  • Proposal for Amendment GMP+ BA10 – Anne 4 (will follow a.s.a.p.)

Reaction form

You can find the reaction form here.

All GMP+ participants are invited to view the proposed changes and to respond to them via the form available to this end. You can respond up until the latest July 1st 2016. After this date, the comments will be processed in a final concept which will then be submitted for approval to the International Expert Committee.

In addition, textual corrections (such as typing errors, translation errors, minor improvements etc.) are combined in a separate document. This document shall be supplemented if necessary with new adjustments. These adjustments are included in the next modification round in 2017. Until then you will be informed by this document accordingly.

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