Reinforcement assurance purchasing fats and oils

26 września 2016

GMP+ International is continuously aiming to improve the quality and integrity of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. After a recent risk evaluation GMP+ International will take some actions regarding certain fats & oils products on short term, which is explained below.

Basic strategy

The basic approach of GMP+ International is that the whole feed supply chain between cultivation and delivery to livestock & aqua farms should apply feed safety assurance, ensured by third party certification. In some cases we have provided a gatekeeper option, but mainly for low-risk feed materials, like grains.

Precautionary measures

In the framework of a risk assessment of the integrity of the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification, we notice that there is a potential risk which needs short term action. Fats & oils products are generally considered as a commodity group with a potentially higher risk profile relatively, and especially the oils & fat byproducts. Many control measures for this product group has been imposed in the past.

GMP+ International wants to realize a further reduction of the vulnerability of the image of the feed industry and of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme related to the current acceptance of the gatekeeper option for fats & oils byproducts in some mutual recognitions of other certification schemes.

Intended actions

GMP+ International would like to collaborate with the other chain-covering scheme holders AIC, Ovocom and QS. Therefore the following joint actions are proposed:

  • Taking a precautionary measure by skipping the gatekeeper option for fats & oils by products in applicable schemes.
  • If agreement about skipping the gatekeeper option for fats & oils byproducts, a joint action to request the same to Coceral / GTP.
  • Developing further steps in reducing potential risks by developing a robust set of requirements and conditions for assurance of – among others - the safety of the fats & oils in the certified chain, used in feed.

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