Uploading results of analysis in the GMP+ Monitoring data-base

15 września 2016

After evaluation of the Country Note Dioxin monitoring of laying hen feed we have dis-covered that many companies did not comply with the requirement to register the re-sults of analysis in the GMP+ monitoring database. Only 25% of the companies shared the analysis results in the GMP+ Community even though this is a requirement in the country note. For your information, we noticed the absence of results earlier this year and sent a direct e-mail to all certified companies with the request to comply with this GMP+ requirement (e-mail sent in February with a reminder in March). This did not re-sult into sufficient results in the GMP+ Monitoring database.

For the above mentioned, we would kindly request you to put extra attention to review the compliance of this requirement during the GMP+ audits that will be conducted by your CB / auditors. As you can read in our latest newsletter, it is quite easy to check if the GMP+ participant shared a result with the GMP+ Community: https://www.gmpplus.org/pagina/11281/how-can-you-easily-make-reports-of-your-monitoring-data.aspx


The requirement of (anonymously) sharing analysis result with the GMP+ Community is not only included in this Country Note, so this is a relevant attention point for other GMP+ audits as well. The requirement to include analysis result in the GMP+ Monitoring database (and sharing with the GMP+ Community) is included in the monitoring protocols of GMP+ BA4 and some of the gatekeeper protocols in GMP+ BA10. But also some other country notes require sharing results.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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