Newsletter GMP+ Helpdesk

piątek, 20 stycznia 2017

Did you know that GMP+ International has a Helpdesk? In this news-letter we would like to explain what this Helpdesk does and what ad-vantages this has for you.

Why a Helpdesk?

The reason that GMP+ International has a Helpdesk is to be able to help you quickly if you have substantive questions about GMP+ certification. We would like to provide you with useful information to help you on your way. In addition, we analyze the types of questions we receive. This helps us gain insight into your issues, so we can help you better.


What have we already achieved for you?

Since the Helpdesk was established, several new GMP+ documents have been published. In particular the document GMP+ D3.5 Where does GMP+ FSA certification begin? and GMP+ D3.6 Starting with GMP+ helps company who are working on their certification process. You’ll find these and all other FAQ documents here on our website.

Internally, we also have more information about the types of questions asked. The Helpdesk supports other departments by sharing information and making issues visible. The departments respond by publishing newsletters or by making proposals for document changes.


What can you ask the Helpdesk?

The GMP+ Helpdesk is available for all questions concerning the GMP+ documents in the A, B and C series. In addition, the Helpdesk helps companies that are working on their GMP+ certification or that want information about the possibilities for certification.

But companies can also contact the Helpdesk for questions about interchangeability, Feed Support Products (FSP) and GMP+ Monitoring Database.

The average processing time of the questions is 2 days. The reason for this, is that the Helpdesk answers a lot of questions itself, but also knows what GMP+ employee to contact for a certain answer. Because of this, the work process is very efficiently, which has a positive effect on the processing time.


How can I reach the GMP+ Helpdesk?
You can reach the Helpdesk via the on the GMP+ website. In addition, the Helpdesk can be reached by phone, via +31 (0)70 307 41 44.