Membership QM-Milch group in the GMP+ Monitoring database

poniedziałek, 13 marca 2017

The Country Note GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch offers additional safety requirements, mainly focused on assuring high quality and a high safety level of dairy feed delivered to Ger-man dairy farmers. This Country Note was drawn up in collaboration with several of our German partners (DVT and DRV) and in close collaboration with QM-Milch e.V.

Part of the requirements from the Country Note is the (anonymous) sharing of the analysis results with GMP+ International and QM-Milch. This allows all participants in the Country Note to demonstrate to QM-Milch that they deliver the demanded high quality. Therefore, it is in your own interest to (anonymously) share your analysis results!


Have you joined the QM-Milch group in the GMP+ Monitoring database yet?

To join the QM-Milch group in the GMP+ Monitoring database and to be able to share results, you must sign up using After filling out this form, you will be sent a confirmation by e-mail, explaining how you can activate your membership.

In the GMP+ Monitoring database, you can easily see whether or not you are a member of the group. You can do so by:

- logging in to our website;

- clicking ‘my monitoring’ in the purple block ‘My GMP+’;

- clicking ‘manage group’ and then ‘group memberships’ in the menu on the left;

Here, you’ll see whether you have joined the group or have yet to accept our invitation.


In conclusion

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