Request to submit analysis results to the GMP+ Monitoring database

poniedziałek, 13 marca 2017

It is March 2017. The moment to evaluate 2016. As in previous years, we ask you to up-load the last results of 2016 to the GMP+ Monitoring database. We ask you to submit them at the latest on Friday April 14th 2017 and to share them (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community.

Evaluation monitoring results 2016

The more analysis results are available in the GMP+ Monitoring database, the more valuable the evaluation of 2016 will be. Do not forget to share the results you must submit under GMP+ requirements (such as samples with positive Salmonella results and their serotyping in the context of the Salmonella protocols from GMP+ BA4), (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community. More information about what analysis results you are required to share with the GMP+ Community is provided in Only when you share the results with the GMP+ Community, we can use your results to evaluate the GMP+ requirements.

With regard to the other analyses, you can decide whether or not to share them. GMP+ International invites you to share these other analyses with the GMP+ Community anonymously as well. After all: the more results are shared, the more information is available to all GMP+ participants. You can then use this information in your HACCP analysis to assess the risk.


Upload support

Should you run into any problems when uploading and / or sharing the analysis results, you can find more information in our or contact GMP+ International.