Updates International Database Transport for Feed

poniedziałek, 10 kwietnia 2017

There have been agreed several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, GTP, AIC, Gafta and AMA). The changes are now implemented in the IDTF. Please find here further information about the changes.

Updated User Manual

A new version of the IDTF User Manual has been published in the “Procedures” section of the website: icrt-idtf.com.

The main change to the User Manual is the addition of a section about the List of Differences. A product is listed on the List of Differences when different cleaning regimes are required by different schemes within the IDTF. Movement from one scheme to another requires the application of the strictest cleaning regime. If there are further questions please contact your scheme owner.

Other changes in the manual are general updates to reflect minor updates to the database since the previous version of the user manual.


Useful Links

The Useful Links section of the Database has been updated and now includes links to the scheme owners and to the lists of certified companies in each scheme. It also includes links to the HACCP guidance produced by each scheme to help transport operators comply with the HACCP requirements. 

To find the Useful Links page click here: http://www.icrt-idtf.com/en/links.php


New IDTF Product

A new product has been entered onto the database – 40412 – Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Nuts.

A new IDTF number has been created to include whole, fresh, washed or unwashed, unprocessed vegetables, fruit and nuts of good merchantable quality. This product is listed with a cleaning regime of A. However transport operators should note that with this product it may be necessary in some circumstances to use cleaning regime B for example if the product is particularly dirty (e.g. soil), sticky or damaged. For products with perceivable signs of decay see ITDF No 20033 “Materials with perceivable signs of decay”

As a result of this new category, some items previously listed under IDTF no 30308 ‘Feed materials of vegetable origin requiring minimum cleaning B’ and IDTF no 40341 ‘Feed materials of vegetable origin requiring minimum cleaning A’ are now moved to the new number.

Examples of the items listed under the new number include, but are not limited to Sugar beets; Carrots (4.3.1); Chicory roots (4.4.1); Manioc – tapioca, cassava (4.6.1); Potatoes (4.8.1); Sweet potato (4.9.1); Jerusalem artichoke – Topinambur (4.10.1); Acorn (5.1.1); Liquorice root (7.9.1); Onion; Garlic.

IDTF number 40403 ‘sugar beets’ is now deleted as it is included under the new IDTF number.